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Best Math Tuition Centre In Singapore

Passive learning, wherein the students are expected only to absorb whatever the teacher is discussing, is not allowed in our Math Tuition Centre. Here, we encourage our students to learn actively, explore their way to solutions and derive the answers independently. This revolutionary learning approach makes us one of the best tuition centres in Singapore today.

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What is "Dramatization by Story Illustration" ?

In CalibreMath, we take a systematic approach in our teaching. Each type of question is paired with a unique strategy that works only for this question. Our strategies have a funny story, or a catchy tag line to help your child remember them. So what exactly is “Dramatization by Story Illustration”?

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Our Teaching Philosophy

At CalibreMath, we maximise your child’s learning process through a 2-way discussion. As a Math Tuition Centre, we believe in creating an environment that stimulates productive and purposeful learning. As one of the best Math Tuition Centres in Singapore today, we believe that learning goes beyond academic excellence. Valuable life skills such as the technique of questioning effectively and critical thinking skills should be imparted to our students too.

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Do you want to know what makes CalibreMath ranked among the best Math Tuition Centres in Singapore today? Here are some of the takeaways to let you have a glimpse of what to expect from our Math Tuition Centre and how we can help your child excel in Mathematics.

Revolutionary Way
of Learning Math

Our maths tuition centre takes a systematic approach in teaching. Each type of question is paired with a unique strategy that works for that particular question only.

We incorporate dramatisation as a part of our teaching. Nothing gets a child’s attention better than getting him involved in it.

Dramatisation Through
Story Illustration

At CalibreMath, every strategy is named uniquely. The strategies employed at our maths tuition centre in Singapore have a funny story, or a catchy tag line to help your child remember them.

Most importantly, this method generates fun in learning Math and in turn sparks their interest and captures their attention throughout the process of learning. You will be surprised with how well your child can remember the story!

Learning Cycle

CalibreMath is a maths tuition centre in Singapore that applies unique strategies to instil a love for mathematics in students. With our 5-step mastery process, students will find themselves fearing the subject less, and even see improvements in their mathematics results.


Our 5-step Mastery Process

Acquiring CalibreMath Strategy Through Dramatization

Step 1

Step 2

of Keywords

Correct Application
of Strategy

Step 3

Step 4

Solving the Equation

Developing Interest and Confidence in Math

Step 5


Abstract of the different programmes

*Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and to  offer our students more flexible lesson options in our Math Tuition Centre, we are offering full online classes as well as Hybrid  and face-to-face classes here at CalibreMath.

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As a Math Tuition Centre with years of academic experience, we believe that learning is more than just achieving academic success. We believe that through our programmes, we are able to develop students into inquisitive thinkers who are intrinsically motivated, constantly asking questions to clarify their doubts and always ready to take up challenges. Find out why CalibreMath is the best Math Tuition Centre that can help your child achieve excellence from the testimonials of our parents and students.

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