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5 Benefits Of Online Tutoring That Will Convince You To Give It A Try

December 21, 2022

5 Benefits Of Online Tutoring That Will Convince You To Give It A Try

Enrolling in maths tuition classes is one of the solutions to help students pull up their grades by getting extra help outside of school. However, long gone are the days when it was compulsory for students to head down to a tuition centre for lessons as the pandemic has brought online tutoring into focus in recent years. Unfortunately, many are still hesitant to engage an online maths tutor in Singapore

We have previously listed ways to tell whether online tutoring is right for you or your child but if you are still on the fence, these benefits of remote classes will convince you otherwise. 

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1. Provides greater convenience and saves time

The best thing about online maths tutoring is not having to travel to and fro classes and home, saving time and providing greater convenience. This means that parents will not have to squeeze time out of their busy schedules to send their children to a tuition centre while students will be able to use the time saved on commuting to do more revision.

Additionally, parents can access online materials and work submitted digitally to supervise and get a clearer idea of their children’s progress.

2. A more cost-effective option

Apart from saving money on fuel and public transportation, online maths tutoring is also cheaper than in-person classes. The latter requires tuition teachers to travel down to the centre, a physical space for lessons to take place and other miscellaneous costs needed to run a tuition centre which will all add to the overall fees parents have to pay. Thus, online classes are a more affordable option as a stable WiFi connection and a laptop or tablet are the only prerequisites. 

Online Tutoring Accessibility And Flexibility

3. Offers more accessibility and flexibility

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances such as catching the flu can occur, making it difficult for students to head for in-person classes. Online maths tutoring then comes into play, allowing students to continue learning in the comfort of their own homes and preventing them from falling behind. Remote learning offers accessibility and more flexibility which both parents and students will appreciate and benefit from. 

4. 24/7 availability

Online maths tutors will usually provide students with resources like notes or videos that are readily available on the internet so that they can refer to them anytime and anywhere. 24/7 availability makes studying for tests or doing daily revisions a breeze, as students will not have to wait till the next in-person tuition class before they can have access to resources again. 

5. Enhances learning

Unlike in-person tutoring, online maths tutoring makes use of functions such as comment boxes or Q&A features so that students are able to raise any doubts they have without worrying about judgement. This not only helps to build their confidence in the subject, but also optimises their learning when students no longer have to feel shy about asking questions. 

For instance, applications like Slido make online learning more effective by allowing students to ask questions anonymously which helps to prevent disruptions to classes while providing teachers with information on common issues students face.

Enrol in online maths tutoring in Singapore today

Enrol in online maths tutoring in Singapore today

Regardless of whether you are a student or parent reading this article, we hope that these benefits of hiring an online maths tutor have convinced you to give online tutoring a chance. 

Here at CalibreMath, we offer both in-person and online PSLE and O Level maths tuition classes. Our tutors are committed to providing classes of the highest quality for students across all levels.

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