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Coding & Math: How Are They Related?

August 1, 2023

Coding and Math How Are They Related

If your child’s ambition is to pursue coding and design websites or create video games as a career in the future, it is high time they understand the importance of maths and learn to master the subject. 

However, you may also be wondering: How are maths and coding related? Maths is, in fact, an integral part of coding where different concepts will be utilised. For instance, a code needs to be completely bug-free in order for it to work well and this requires coders to strengthen their algorithmic and computational skills which will all be taught in maths.

Here are the common types of mathematical concepts that can be applied to coding to give you a clearer idea of how sending your child to maths tuition in Singapore can help them achieve their goal. Keep reading to find out more.

How is maths used in coding?

1. Binary maths

Binary maths teaches future coders the binary number system, in which all numbers are coded using only 0 and 1, and is an alternative to the decimal number system we use day-to-day. This is an important maths concept to grasp as it is the “language” that computers speak and learning how to use it allows the computer to perform the instructions coders give. 

2. Algebra

Algebra-Problem Solving-Math Tuition Centre Singapore

Algebra is another essential field of maths to learn which consists of concepts like operations, linear equations, exponents, ratios and many more. These skills come in handy when coders are required to develop algorithms and software to work with varying mathematical functions and objects. 

Apart from being a crucial part of coding, primary school students will also be introduced to algebra in P6 and more complex concepts in secondary school. Hence, consider sending your child to a maths tuition centre in Singapore to give them a headstart or help them pull up their grades.

3. Statistics

Statistics comes into play when perfecting artificial intelligence, speech recognition, data mining and more. Also known as statistical coding, it allows coders to classify data and assign them categories that will turn qualitative data into quantitative or numerical data that computers can understand. Thus, having a strong statistical background is key to understanding algorithms that are oftentimes the backbone of coding. 

4. Calculus 

Calculus is the study of continuous change so anything that changes constantly will involve calculus. Therefore, it can be applied to coding when coming up with visuals, graphs, simulations and problem-solving applications that are always changing and commonly used in video games. 

How do maths and coding work hand in hand?

As parents, it is also natural for you to ponder how maths and coding work hand in hand to help your children excel in life. 

Coding is like learning a new language, so mastering it can stimulate your child’s creative juices. It may also improve your child’s performance in maths by helping them visualise abstract or confusing concepts. Lastly, coding and maths both teach children problem-solving skills that will assist them in overcoming obstacles.

Help your child fall in love with maths today

Help your child fall in love with maths today-Math tuition in Singapore

If your child wants to be a coder in the future or simply wants to pull up their grades, sending them to maths tuition in Singapore is one of the most effective ways to give them a push.

Here at CalibreMath, a maths tuition centre, we offer classes for primary and secondary school students to help them achieve a smooth transition through different academic levels.

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