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Is the teaching in CalibreMath in line with the MOE syllabus?

Our content taught is with direct reference to the MOE syllabus.

Lesson materials are designed to help students strengthen their basic concepts before moving on to Intermediate and Advanced levels. Our team of specialists analyses school and national examinations every year so that we are updated with the latest examination trends.

What are CalibreMath strategies about?

We take a systematic approach in our teaching. Each type of question is paired with a unique strategy that works for that particular question only.

Every strategy is named uniquely. Our strategies have a funny story, or a catchy tag line to help your child remember them.

Students will learn to pick up key words/key phrases to identify each strategy, then they can apply the steps and solve it! It is absolutely straightforward and eliminates confusion in their learning!

Does the CalibreMath curriculum challenge my child?

Our materials are planned in a way that differentiates between the level of learning ability. Students with higher ability will be given challenging worksheets to stretch their thinking skills.

How is CalibreMath Learning Centre different from other centres?

At CalibreMath, your child will learn Math in a revolutionary way with our proprietary word problem strategies. Each strategy is named uniquely. Our strategies have a funny story, or a catchy tag line which will be illustrated through dramatization.

This method generates fun in learning Math and in turn gets them to be interested and focused in their learning!

We believe in creating an environment that stimulates productive and purposeful learning. Rather than providing the solutions, our teachers will guide your child to explore, investigate and derive the solutions independently. We do not only focus on your child’s academics. We impart valuable life skills and essential learning habits such as the technique of questioning effectively, which will be very useful throughout their entire learning journey


How do I sign up for the class?

Select your preferred class and learning arrangement (face to face/virtual/hybrid) in the registration form.

Kindly note that the submission of the registration form is not a confirmation of vacancy. Our team would inform you via SMS whether the selected class is available or not. The seat is only confirmed upon receiving the full payment within 48 hours of the invoice sent.

If the class selected is not available, you may wish to indicate your interest on the class, and we will put you on the waitlist. Once a vacancy is available, we will contact you again.

What is the average class size?

Our class sizes range from 3 to 12 students.

P1 and P2 classes have a smaller class size of maximum 6 students.

Will there be lessons during public holidays and school holidays?

Lessons will be conducted as per normal for all public holidays except Chinese New Year and Christmas.

In an event that the lesson is cancelled, a message will be sent out to parents, at least 2 hours before the start of the class.

Is there a replacement lesson if my child misses his/her class?

Please let us know if you need to reschedule the lesson at least 24 hours before the actual lesson.

Depending on availability, we will try to arrange a replacement lesson within the same week. Once it is confirmed, no changes will be allowed. Any unattended replacement lesson will be forfeited.

Do you have trial lessons?

We do not offer trial classes. Students will have to sign up for a minimum of one month.

Parents are strongly encouraged to send us your child’s exam papers and we will provide a complimentary analysis of your child’s level of competency in Math with no obligations.

How often do I get feedback from the teachers?

For new students, parents will receive a feedback from the teacher at the last lesson of the month.

For all existing students, parents will receive updates about your child’s progress at least once every term.

In the event that the teacher has observed any issues that needs to be highlighted immediately, parents will be informed whenever necessary.


What is the class schedule like and how much is the fee?

Click here for our schedule.

Fees indicated are based on every 4 lessons. If there are 5 lessons in that month, the fees will be charged accordingly.

Payment needs to be made in full before the first lesson of every month.


How do I make payment for the classes?

Our payment modes include cash, PayNow/Paylah or bank transfer.

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