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Importance Of Mathematics: Applying Math In Everyday Life

August 1, 2023

Importance Of Mathematics: Applying Math In Everyday Life

Mathematics is an essential subject to learn throughout primary and secondary school education in Singapore and it is not without reason. Mastering maths early allows your child to apply concepts they have learned to everyday life, giving them a headstart not just in school, but also in adulthood.

Here are some ways maths will come in handy in day-to-day life, giving you a clearer idea of why it will be beneficial to send your child to a math tuition centre in Singapore if they are currently struggling with the subject.

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1. Budgeting

Budgeting primary and secondary math tuition singapore

From spending to saving, making routine budgets is part and parcel of everyday life. Hence, knowing and using different maths concepts is important. Apart from basic maths operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, more complex concepts like calculating percentages will also come into play.

Mastering maths will equip your child with the foundations to help them spend and save their pocket money and assist them in understanding more challenging concepts such as how many per cent of their money should go to wants, needs and savings.

2. Shopping

Shopping primary or secondary maths tuition in Singapore

Although shopping might seem like an easy errand to run, many maths concepts go into the process that you may not have realised. For instance, understanding discount schemes like 50% off and knowing the weight of the item and how much it costs per gram are crucial when grocery shopping. 

As purchasing items is a key part of life, learning how to properly calculate discounts and unit prices will encourage your child to spend money wisely. Consider enrolling your child in primary or secondary maths tuition in Singapore to help them make the right purchase decisions.

3. Playing sports

Playing sports primary and secondary maths tuition

Does your child love sports or aspire to represent Team Singapore in the future? Then, knowing maths inside out is vital. From calculating the probability of winning to developing strategies to emerge as a champion and making estimates to score goals, maths will always be involved. 

Thus, getting your kids to enjoy learning maths from a young age by sending them to primary maths tuition is of the essence to help them also excel in sports.

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4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving secondary maths tuition

Knowing how to solve problems in the best way is one of the most important skills to possess in life. Maths teaches students logical reasoning which equips them with problem-solving skills that can help them make the right decisions, be it in their studies or personal life.  

Enrol your child in primary or secondary maths tuition to build their confidence in solving day-to-day obstacles.

5. Playing games

Playing games Primary and secondary maths tuition in Singapore

While it seems unlikely, playing certain games actually involves using maths concepts to an extent as well. Probability, statistics, computation and logical reasoning are some examples of maths concepts that can be applied to games like puzzles, sudoku, chess, Monopoly and Uno. Different strategies and quick decisions need to be made, and these are equally indispensable when it comes to solving maths questions.

Primary and secondary maths tuition in Singapore may just be able to motivate your child to enjoy studying the subject so that they do better in their games.

CalibreMath – maths tuition centre in Singapore

Consider sending your child to CalibreMath for primary or secondary maths tuition in Singapore. Our tutors do not encourage passive learning and focus on each and every student to ensure improvement in results.

Choose from our physical, online or hybrid lessons according to your child’s needs. 

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