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Math Tuition Programmes

At CalibreMath, we pay close attention to every child’s progress in understanding Mathematical concepts and problems. Since Mathematics is a subject that requires building blocks of topics, our Math tuition classes are set to provide a strong foundation from every student’s early years. In our Math online tutoring as well, we provide learning opportunities for  students to ask questions  and allow them to explore  Mathematical problems independently. All our programmes from Primary to Secondary level adhere to this principle strictly. Keen to understand more about our lesson details and curriculum for each level? Click on each tab to find out more!

Why Choose CalibreMath?

We don’t believe in passive learning, which is why we have a policy of only allowing active listening in all our classes, including online tutoring too. We believe that if students are focused on learning and are able to raise their doubts, they will have a better understanding of each concept taught. If a child is taught the proper techniques and has the necessary cognitive capacities, he or she will naturally excel in mathematics.

Regardless of their starting point, every child has the ability to improve. Our Math Tuition’s unique problem-solving solutions work in tandem with our learning cycle to help your child develop the skills and knowledge required to solve Math problems. All of this will result in them being more prepared to learn and, as a result, the motivation to improve . Let your child excel in Mathematics and be ready for their national exams here at CalibreMath.

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