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Bridging Courses

Discover our proven Math problem-solving strategies and the right thinking habits to help your child achieve mastery for their level and score AL1 in their exams!

What your child will learn from this workshop:

In this content-packed workshop, we will help your child to understand word problems and simplify the solving part with our highly raved Math strategies!

Exposure to the Must Know Question types for each topic

In every lesson, your child will be exposed to 1 – 3 question types and learn how to apply our tested and proven Math strategies to solve them easily in a few steps.

To build a strong foundation for Upper Primary, your child will need to master all the concepts necessary for each level so that they will be able to manage the next level with ease.

Our Math strategies will simplify the complexity of each Math problem and help your child improve in their competency of tackling word problems more independently.

• Mastering Problem Solving Techniques with Keywords and Key Sentences

Many students often struggle with word problems because they are unable to form links between concepts which they have learnt previously. A similar word problem may appear foreign to them as they have not mastered the skill of identifying key words and phrases to help them connect the link.

In CalibreMath, we categorized each question type as one strategy. Every strategy comes with a funny story or tagline to help them remember the key words or key sentences to identify it. Your child will learn how to look for these key words/sentences and then connect them to the correct strategy to solve the question easily. The application will be taught step by step in bite-sizes so that it is very straightforward and easy for your child to apply. Every set of strategy includes eye- catching cartoons and notes which will aid your child greatly in the completion of the homework.

• Additional Resources to complete your child’s learning

To reinforce your child’s learning, we will provide additional worksheets on Strategy Identification Exercises so that your child can practice on how to apply the techniques learnt from this workshop to actual school exam questions. The workshop aims to complete the learning process to help your child achieve improvement and mastery in the subject.

Lesson Outline

Homework Discussion: Students will start the lesson by sharing the challenges that they have encountered in their homework. The teachers will then assess their queries and provide the necessary guidance. They will be required to complete their corrections in class and submit for marking. This will apply for lessons conducted online too.

In every lesson, your child will be exposed to 1 – 3 question types. Each type of question is paired with a unique strategy that works for that particular question only. Students will learn to pick up key words/key phrases to identify each strategy, then they can apply the steps and solve it! It is absolutely straightforward and eliminates confusion in their learning!

Each strategy may require dramatization, a funny phrase or a funny song. Younger children learn better when more senses are engaged while the older ones will enjoy listening to funny stories. This interactive way of learning aids to prolong the attention period and retain information better.

Homework Assignment: Students should expect homework to be assigned for every strategy to reinforce their learning at home.

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