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Lower Primary Mathematics

As Mathematics is a hierarchical subject, your child will need to have a solid foundation through lower primary Maths tuition in Singapore so that they can transition well to Upper Primary. In our Primary Maths tuition classes, we aim to build a strong foundation of the 4 operations in all topics. Much emphasis will be on connecting real life contexts to Maths in topics like Money, Time, Length, Mass and Volume.

In our Primary Maths Tuition classes, your child will develop essential mathematical skills like pattern observation, logical deduction and spatial reasoning in preparation for Upper Primary. Manipulatives like cubes, scales, measuring equipment and models will be used extensively to help them develop the skills needed for their level.

Through simulated situations in our classrooms, our young learners will learn to make sense of Maths in their daily lives. Our Primary Maths Tuition offers plenty of opportunities for them to do hands-on exploration of concepts in detail and derive the logic behind each of them. To help parents in their child’s learning after class, there are also many online resources like handouts and simple activity sheets on our website to extend learning in a fun and engaging way! Enrol your child in our Primary Maths Tuition today!

Lesson Outline

Homework Discussion: Students will start the lesson in our Primary Maths Tuition by sharing the challenges that they have encountered in their homework. The teachers will then assess their queries and provide the necessary guidance. They will be required to complete their corrections in class and submit for marking. This will apply for Primary Maths Tuition lessons conducted online too.

Topical Worksheets: Topical worksheets are classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Students will start on basic worksheets before advancing to the next level of difficulty. Students who need more time to understand the concepts will focus on strengthening their basic concepts in Primary Maths Tuition first instead of being compelled to follow as a class. They will move on to the next worksheet when they are ready.

Mathematical concepts: Concepts will be taught through a discussion in our Primary Maths Tuition . Sometimes it will require dramatisation, in which students will participate to act out the story. It helps them to retain the new knowledge learnt better when their 5 senses are engaged, especially for younger children. The teacher will guide students with a few questions depending on the level of difficulty. After which, students will be tasked to do similar questions independently. The work will be marked, and mistakes will have to be corrected during class time. Once they have a good understanding of the concept, the rest of the questions may be given as homework.

Strategy: Each strategy in our Primary Maths Tuition may require dramatisation, a funny phrase or a funny song. Younger children learn better when more senses are engaged while the older ones will enjoy listening to funny stories. This interactive way of learning aids to prolong the attention period and retain information better.

Weekly Revision Sets: There will be weekly revision sets on word problems to strengthen their strategy identification and application. Questions are real school examination questions so students will be able to form realistic expectations about the level of difficulty and have insights on the questions that commonly appear. Weekly revision sets are only for P3 level and above.

Homework Assignment: P1 and 2 may not have any homework for some lessons. From P3 level onwards, students taking the Primary Maths Tuition should expect homework to be assigned every lesson.

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