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Upper Primary Mathematics (PSLE Math)

In Upper Primary, our PSLE Math tutors in Singapore will leverage the foundation built in lower primary to fine-tune each skill to the next level. Certain topics taught in lower primary will also be covered in detail from P4 to P6; for example, Volume and Decimals. There will be more visual topics in Upper Primary Maths , namely, Angles, Area of Triangles, Circles, Speed, Pie Charts and Nets. Hence, it is critical that your child is equipped with the skills that are appropriate for their level so that they will be able to handle each topic at ease.

Students will learn properties of a new geometric shape every level,

(i) Squares/Rectangles in P4,

(ii) Triangles/Rhombus/Parallelograms/Trapeziums/Cubes/Cuboids in P5 and

(iii) Circles in P6.

To help our students cope with these visual topics, our PSLE Math tutors will put greater emphasis on developing their spatial reasoning from the start of P4 so that they are equipped with the appropriate skills to solve more complicated word problems. You may have already observed that the word problems appear to be more challenging as your child moves up another level. In CalibreMath, we believe in laying a good foundation for every level so that your child will be able to make use of what he or she has learnt before moving on to more advanced levels.Parents can be assured that this is consistent in our PSLE Math tuition online classes as well

From P4 onwards, our Math tuition classes will be covering more word problems strategies to get them ready for the transition to P5 which will require them to tackle the 17 word problems in Paper 2. In P5, they will continue to put their problem solving skills to use. In P6, they will be learning strategies that tackle the variation questions. For example, in P5, students will learn a strategy called “Turtle’s Stomach”. In P6, they will learn how to solve the variation question which gives them a different information as compared to what they have learnt in Turtle Stomach. This variation strategy is named “Fake Turtle Stomach”. So there will be connections between what they have learnt in P5 and P6. On top of completing the standard syllabus every year, your child will also be imparted the core thinking skills, like effective questioning which are critical to their learning in the years forward. This applies for our PSLE Math tuition online classes as well.

Lesson Outline

Homework Discussion: Students will start the lesson by sharing the challenges that they have encountered in their homework to their PSLE maths tutor. The teachers will then assess their queries and provide the necessary guidance. They will be required to complete their corrections in class and submit for marking. This will apply for PSLE Maths Tuition online too.

Topical Worksheets: Topical worksheets are classified into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Students will start on basic worksheets before advancing to the next level of difficulty. Students who need more time to understand the concepts will focus on strengthening their basic concepts first instead of being compelled to follow as a class. They will move on to the next worksheet when they are ready.

Mathematical concepts: In PSLE Maths Tuition Online and F2F, concepts will be taught through a discussion. Sometimes it will require dramatisation, in which students will participate to act out the story. It helps them to retain the new knowledge learnt better when their 5 senses are engaged, especially for younger children. The PSLE Maths Tutor will guide students with a few questions depending on the level of difficulty. After which, students will be tasked to do similar questions independently. The work will be marked, and mistakes will have to be corrected during class time. Once they have a good understanding of the concept, the rest of the questions may be given as homework.

Strategy: Each strategy may require dramatisation, a funny phrase or a funny song. Younger children learn better when more senses are engaged while the older ones will enjoy listening to funny stories. This interactive way of learning aids to prolong the attention period and retain information better.

Weekly Revision Sets: There will be weekly revision sets on word problems to strengthen their strategy identification and application. Questions are real school examination questions so students will be able to form realistic expectations about the level of difficulty and have insights on the questions that commonly appear. Weekly revision sets are only for P3 level and above.

Homework Assignment: P1 and 2 may not have any homework for some lessons. From P3 level onwards, students should expect homework to be assigned every lesson.

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