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Upper Secondary Mathematics

In Upper Secondary, our O-level Math Tutors will leverage the foundation built in lower secondary to explore more in-depth learning of Mathematical concepts. Our primary goal is to help all our secondary level students attain a level of understanding in Mathematics that will allow them to apply the Mathematical concepts learnt to their daily lives.

For students who are keen to pursue Mathematics related courses in their next stage of education, it is critical to have a solid foundation in Upper Secondary Mathematics so that it gives them a good head start as they advance to the next level.

In preparation for O/N Levels, students will be introduced to a variety of questions types for each topic. They will learn various problem solving techniques to develop flexibility in their application skills.  Our O-level Maths tutor will also provide error analysis practices from time to time so that students are aware of the common mistakes that they should take note of. This allows both teachers and students to be aware of their learning gaps and seek guidance whenever necessary.

Lesson Outline

Homework Discussion: Students will start the lesson by discussing about the challenges that they have encountered in their homework. The teachers will then assess their queries and provide the necessary guidance. They will be required to complete their corrections in class and submit for marking. This applies for online lessons too.

School Work Discussion: Students are strongly encouraged to bring challenging questions from school to discuss in class. This fosters a good learning environment which motivates others to bring forth their questions for a discussion too. In the long run, every student will benefit from the exposure to a variety of questions.

Mathematical Concepts: Each topic will be broken down into smaller sub-topics. This allows our students to have sufficient practices for each concept and master each basic skill well. Every worksheet will consist of a class exercise and homework. The class exercise consists of a variety of questions that are commonly tested in tests and examinations. The homework reinforces what was taught in the class exercise.

Strategy: Strategies will be taught for secondary level too. Each strategy may require dramatization, a funny phrase or a funny song. This adds fun to their learning and increases retention.

Weekly Revision Sets: There will be weekly revision sets for all secondary levels. This allows them to have consistent revision on the topics taught earlier on so they can be better prepared for any quizzes and examinations. Questions are actual school examination questions so students will be able to have realistic expectations about the level of difficulty and gain insights on the questions that commonly appear.

Homework Assignment: Students in Secondary level should expect homework to be assigned every lesson.

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