Food and Snacks

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Food and Snacks

Hi-Chew Chewy Candy

5 flavours available

30 Stamps

Storck Mint Chocos Candies

80 Stamps

Arnott’s Biscuits – Mint Slice

100 Stamps

Andes Thins Chocolate – Creme De Menthe

60 Stamps

Himalaya Salt Mint Candy – Lemon

12 x 15g

200 Stamps

Cheezels Cheese Rings Snack – Original

165 g

60 Stamps

Oriental Cheese Ball 8x14g

8 packs inside

60 Stamps

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips – Salsa Chili

30 Stamps

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips – Barbecue

30 Stamps

Jack’n Jill Potato Chips – Nori Seaweed with Soy Sauce

40 Stamps

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips – Honey Butter

40 Stamps

Mamee Noodle Snack – 12 x 25g

Chicken and BBQ Flavours available

60 Stamps

Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster Potato Rings – Spicy Chicken

30 Stamps

Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster Potato Rings – Cheese

40 Stamps

Cheetos Crunchy Jalapeno Flavour

120 Stamps

Cheetos Cheese Flavoured Snacks – Original (Crunchy)

120 Stamps

Starbucks $10 Gift card

300 Stamps

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