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Rewards For Your Hard Work

Accumulate stamps and get rewarded for the prizes that you dream for!

Simply add the item/s that you want into the cart. Then fill in the form with your details and click submit. We will process your request and your gift will be on its way!

All items are subjected to availability. Some items may require a longer waiting time if it needs to be shipped from overseas.


Sanrio Glitter Stickers

Set of 5

160 Stamps

Casio fx-97SG X

680 Stamps

Casio Scientific Calculator fx-96SG PLUS

500 Stamps

3M Post it Super Sticky Notes, 2 in x 2 in

Miami Collection,90 SHEETS per PAD

180 Stamps

Azone Save The Planet Lecture Pad A4 70gsm

60 Stamps

Uni Foolscap Paper A4 70Gsm 100Sheet

160 Stamps

Max No.10M Staple Pins Bullets

30 Stamps


2 colours available

80 Stamps

PLUS Japan Hello Kitty and Friends Correction Tape

4 designs available

120 Stamps

Tombow Mono Correction Tape

2 colours available

90 Stamps

PLUS Whiper MR Correction Tape

4 colours available

90 Stamps

Pentel Pencil Lead 0.5mm

50 Stamps

Pilot Super Grip Neon Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

5 colours available

40 Stamps

Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, 0.38mm

9 colours available (Milk Blue Green, Milk Green, Milk Blue, Milk Purple, Milk Red, Milk Pink, Milk Pink, Milk White)

50 Stamps

Sarasa Clip Gel Pen – Milk Color – 0.5 mm

8 colours available (Milk Blue Green, Milk Green, Milk Blue, Milk Purple, Milk Red, Milk Pink, Milk Pink, Milk White)

50 Stamps

Hybrid Dual Metallic Glitter Colour Gel Pen K110 1.0MM

7 colours available (Copper, Gray, Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise)

100 Stamps

Zebra Sarasa Clip Rollerball Gel Pen 0.7mm

9 colours available (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Yellow)

40 Stamps

Pilot Retractable Pen Hi-Tecpoint V5 RT

4 colours available (Black, Red, Blue, Green)

60 Stamps

Pilot Frixion Erasable Ballpen Clicker 0.5mm BLRT-FR5

5 colours available (Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Black)

80 Stamps

Pilot 0.5mm Clip Juice Gel Ink Pen

12 colours available (Red, Coral Pink, Baby Pink, Apricot Orange, Orange, Apple Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Dark Red/ Grape, and Black)

60 Stamps

Stabilo Swing Cool Pastel Highlighter

6 colours available (Mint, Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow)

50 Stamps

Pilot Frixion Light Erasable Spotliter

6 colours available (Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow)

60 Stamps

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